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Project Manager

Steve Edwards is a skilled Project Manager at Akela, adept at navigating every phase of a project from its inception to completion.

Along the way, he has encountered numerous challenges, including low-bid contractor projects that require extra attention to ensure correct installation and adherence to plans. One of his most challenging undertakings was the Harper F35 Hangars due to their intricacies and various government requirements. He states that learning from past mistakes and experiences makes it easier to handle future problems.

He started his career as a drafter over two decades ago and quickly developed a fascination with the mechanical equipment he was drawing. He became increasingly curious about the “box on the drawing” and the workings of the machinery. This curiosity led him to advance from a drafter to a designer and eventually to a Project Manager. Steve attributes his success to his willingness to learn, which has allowed him to grow in his career.

His advice to recent graduates is to not solely rely on their formal education but to also gain experience on the job and on-site. He believes that gaining hands-on experience is invaluable and enables personal and professional growth.

Steve’s tenure of over 20 years at Akela can be attributed to the people he works with and the warm environment the company provides. What he values most is that the company values its employees as individuals and not merely as cogs in a machine. This personal touch has been instrumental in keeping Steve engaged and motivated in his role.


▪︎ I enjoy Camping deep in the Mountains with my family and friends far away from the distractions of daily life. Nothing like the clean mountain air that gives you the recharge you need! I also enjoy hiking with my wife, kids, and dog, either on a trail nearby or up in the mountains to concur the next mountain peak.

▪︎ I am an avid gardener. My wife and I have worked very hard to be self-reliant in growing our own produce. We get about 50% of our produce from our backyard garden.

▪︎ I have one dog, Charlie. he is a Standard Poodle that is a ball of energy that keeps the family on the move. I also have 4 chickens, got to love them eggs!