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Misty Perry.

Chief Financial Officer

Misty is responsible for all accounting and finance-related tasks, including managing the accounting team, analyzing financial data to provide the CEO with information to make business decisions, and ensuring the right staff is in place to cover all types of work.

She discovered her love for accounting during her senior year of high school and decided to pursue her passion for accounting, earning her bachelor’s degree in accounting and continuing on to complete her Master’s degree in forensic accounting.

Misty believes that having a solid foundation in accounting is essential to succeed in the field. She emphasizes the importance of asking questions and seeking help from experts in the industry to improve skills and knowledge. She also constantly attends webinars, seminars, and other education groups offered to her.

She enjoys exploring different cultures and her love for travel and exploration began at a young age. During her time in the military, where she was stationed in England, she was able to travel extensively throughout the region and Europe. She also traveled extensively throughout the United States, taking trips to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Florida, and Texas, among other states.


▪︎ I delivered babies in the Air Force (while I was stationed in England)

▪︎ I love Crime shows.

▪︎ I want to go to Spain.