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David Nelson.

Business Dev. & Operations Lead

David Nelson started his career in drafting and took a particular interest in computer-aided drafting and design.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, he became an engineer and moved into project management. He believes in the servant leadership style where the focus is on supporting the team and their growth and helping them with their career goals. David believes that by supporting the people he works with, he will help the firm be successful and that by being humble and selfless, he can build trust with his team and help them to advance the firm’s mission.

He wanted to be a physician when he was little, and his desire to heal people and make them better may have been the driving force behind that aspiration. In his current position, he sees his work as an opportunity to help clients with infrastructure, major projects, and program management, and to leverage AI tools and information to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

As for motivation, David Nelson’s desire to help people is what drives him. He believes that doing the right things for the right reasons is the meaning of life, and he sees his work as an opportunity to help others be better or support them in their mission.


▪︎ I have one dog I adopted about 3 years ago, and she is a standard poodle. 

▪︎ One of my hobbies is cooking, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I have started to work on slow-smoking food in my ceramic smoker (called a green egg)

▪︎ I just had the absolute pleasure of taking my daughter to swim with dolphins – which was amazing!