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Dennis Berlien.

Chief executive officer

As Akela’s CEO, Dennis’ goal is to grow a successful integrated company throughout the United States. When asked about what his vision was for Akela, Dennis said: I see us as the MEP+ firm of choice in Southern California, then the West Coast, and then nationally.

He believes Akela is going to be a unique engineering firm. This will not only be due to our ability to provide MEP+ services that are sustainable and resilient but also due to our company culture and core values that are deeply rooted in making connections and having a positive impact on those around us.  He values fostering connections at work, in life, and within communities. Believing in connections’ positive impact on individuals and those around them, Dennis strives to continuously create meaningful ones.

Dennis strongly feels that being a leader is about developing the next generation, helping the next person through their journey, and helping them evolve in their careers. He’s “passionate about people reaching their full potential” and not settling for less. At Akela, he wants to build great teams and help those within them develop and succeed; and he’s proud to be part of an evolving culture, and company, and help grow the Wolfpack family.


▪︎ Ran a half-marathon in February with my daughter in the rain 

▪︎ Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting 

▪︎ Favorite Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics