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Mechanical Project Manager

Tony manages projects alongside engineers and reviews submittals during the construction phase.

One of his most challenging projects over the years involved him working on two large identical schools using Revit exclusively, a software new to the industry at the time. Despite this, he was able to teach himself the software and successfully managed the project, which included six buildings and required him to examine all the systems involved.

His career path was not initially intended for a 20-year tenure at Akela. He attended ITT Tech with plans to pursue architecture but landed a job at DEC, which eventually became Akela. Starting as a drafter, he worked his way up to project management, and he credits the company’s attitude of reciprocity and continuous opportunities for growth as reasons for his longevity there. He also values the family-like atmosphere and professional support that he receives at the company.

Tony’s advice for new graduates is to be open to learning and not to come in with an attitude that they know everything. He suggests being completely open to learning from others and being willing to teach others as well. His extensive experience and dedication to his profession make him a valuable asset to Akela Engineering & Consulting, and his achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring professionals in the industry.


▪︎ I am a father of 6 and I have a 3-month-old grandson.

▪︎ Favorite Place: The beach. 

▪︎ My favorite TV shows are The Chosen and Blue Bloods.