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Lisa Fellows.

Electrical Designer

Lisa has been with Akela since 1999 putting her at 23 years of service to the firm, joining the 20-Year Club back in 2019. She has worked closely using REVIT, AutoCAD, and BIM software to implement electrical designs.

Lisa has expertly used reasoning development to apply principles of rational systems to solve problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables and interpret instructions presented in various forms. Lisa is extremely detail-oriented and a great problem solver, making her an essential part of the team.

She believes that failures and mistakes are part of life and should not be feared, noting that we cannot succeed at everything all of the time and that our greatest personal growth is only possible through our failures.  If we focus only on the act of failing and our feelings of defeat, then we lose out on one of the best opportunities to learn and grow.  She recognizes that mistakes and failures are not pleasant to deal with and do not feel great, but their purpose is to help us learn and adjust for the next time.

Her advice for anyone seeking career growth is: Don’t be afraid to fail, mistakes are going to happen in life, but take each as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of allowing it to hinder your progress.


▪︎ I’m a member of Sol Sisters, the local chapter of Women in the Wind International motorcycle club, and completed a challenge of visiting all 21 California missions I managed to complete the challenge over a three-day weekend. 

▪︎ I’m also a member of a local guild that dresses up as Pirates, Klingons, and Steampunk characters to provide entertainment at the Renaissance & San Diego Comic-Con.

▪︎ I took African Djembe (type of drum) lessons at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park. I ended up designing the floor plan for my instructor’s new house in Senegal.