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Paul Hausbeck, Senior Vice President at Akela Engineering and Consulting, manages the company’s life science and government sectors.

One of the most significant and challenging aspects of his job is meeting clients’ needs and requirements while staying within the project’s budget. Despite the challenges, Paul’s expertise and growth have been shaped by his experience working at a church as a late teen, realizing his strengths, and pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. Starting a company with his partner is one of his greatest achievements.

Paul takes pride in the positive impact he makes in San Diego, where he has designed numerous projects throughout the years. For fresh graduates entering the workforce, Paul advises trusting experienced colleagues to guide and help them along the way. Looking forward, Paul is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for Akela and continuing to contribute to building San Diego. In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing golf and senior softball across the States and volunteering for causes such as the heart institute and special needs. Paul’s story embodies Akela’s values of inclusiveness, diversity, and integrity, as he works together with his pack to make a difference in the community.


▪︎ I have one dog named Bella 

▪︎ I like to watch any sport and NCIS-type shows.

▪︎ I love steak and for dessert probably just ice cream.